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air fryer cabbage steak

Air Fryer Cabbage Steaks

Summer Yule
Learn how to cook cabbage in the air fryer! These air fryer cabbage steaks are brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with BBQ seasoning.
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Prep Time 2 mins
Cook Time 16 mins
Total Time 18 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 2
Calories 155 kcal



  • Slice the cabbage into two "steaks" that each measure ½-inch (1.27 cm) thick and 4½-inches (11.4 cm) in diameter. It’s important to cut them to a uniform thickness for the most even cooking.
  • Mist your air fryer tray with cooking spray. Put the cabbage wedges in a single layer on the tray. (You may have to cook them in two batches if you have a small air fryer)
  • Brush the tops and sides of the cabbage steaks with olive oil (use it all). Sprinkle the BBQ seasoning on liberally. Put the tray with the cabbage in the air fryer (use the top rack position for air fryer ovens).
  • Air fry the cabbage for a total of 16 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190C). Flip the cabbage 10 minutes into the cooking time and sprinkle with more seasoning.
  • Feel free to add more cooking time if the cabbage isn’t done to your liking. If you notice the edges getting too crispy during cooking, I recommend eating the evidence. (The crispy pieces are the best part!) Enjoy!


This is a level 1 recipe (may help support fat loss). Are you looking for a low carb and vegan food that’s high in satiety and low in calories? (Plus, very inexpensive!) Please don’t overlook cabbage. 
This air fryer cabbage is going to be a good choice for a veggie side dish for nearly everyone. One exception is those who have an allergy or food intolerance to any of the ingredients. Another exception may be those on low-sodium diets. 
Many BBQ seasonings (and seasoning blends in general) contain a lot of salt. A second popular example of a salty seasoning is Everything But the Bagel seasoning. 
No worries though, those on low-sodium diets can still enjoy this air fryer cabbage. All you have to do is be mindful of the type of seasoning you use. Here is an option for no salt seasonings that may be worth looking into. 
Sodium is an electrolyte and an essential nutrient, but many of us get an excess of it in ultra-processed foods. That said, there are groups of people who may benefit from not being super restrictive with sodium (e.g., certain athletes and keto dieters).  
Salt enhances flavor without adding calories. As an active person with low blood pressure who eats mainly whole foods, I don’t tend to worry about it. (That doesn’t mean that’s the right thing for YOU to do though.) 
Be sure to check in with your personal physician or dietitian if you need help with your diet. Any general nutrition information on the web (including with this cabbage recipe) hasn’t been tailored to you. 
Nutrition information is for one serving. The sodium in this recipe will vary depending on the amount of seasoning you use. 


Calories: 155kcalCarbohydrates: 8.2gProtein: 1.8gFat: 13.6gSaturated Fat: 1.9gPotassium: 241.1mgFiber: 3.5gVitamin A: 2.8% DVVitamin C: 86.5% DVCalcium: 5.8% DVIron: 3.8% DV
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