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vegan rice crispy treats

Vegan Rice Crispy Treats Recipe (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

Summer Yule
It's easy to make homemade vegan rice crispy treats! Make the BEST vegan rice krispie treats recipe that is also gluten free and dairy free.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 7 mins
Total Time 12 mins
Course Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 9
Calories 234 kcal



  • Melt the butter (or butter and coconut oil mixture) in a pot on the stovetop over medium-low heat.
  • After the butter has melted, add in the marshmallows and stir constantly until they’re completely melted.  This will take a good 5-10 minutes- don't give up!
  • Take the pot off the heat and quickly add in the brown rice cereal, stirring to coat with marshmallow mixture.
  • Spray your square pan with oil and put some oil on your hands as well. Dump the rice and marshmallow mixture into the pan, and press it evenly into the pan with your hands.
  • Let them chill in the fridge to firm up before cutting into squares. (Don't miss my tips for flavor variations in the post above!) These are best if you let them come back to room temperature before eating.


This is a level 3 recipe (weight maintenance and active lifestyles). Are these healthy rice krispie treats? I’m using brown rice crisp cereal and these are 100% plant based. However, I wouldn’t consider these nutritionally superior to regular Rice Krispies treats squares.
(P.S. This is a snack food and it’s the holiday season and I feel it’s OK to not eat “perfectly” all of the time. So feel free to ignore this section if you just want to enjoy dessert and get on with life.)
First of all, the brown rice crispy cereal isn’t necessarily lower in calories than the regular rice crispy cereal. In some cases, the vegan cereal options are higher calorie by volume. 
The vegan brown rice cereals also typically contain no vitamin D at all, a nutrient many of us in the north fall short on in winter. Unfortunately, there are few natural whole food sources of vitamin D.
The brown rice cereals aren’t fortified as heavily as regular rice cereals in general. (Hopefully your diet isn’t poor enough that you’re depending on this snack food for nutrition. Still thought I’d mention this though.)
You’re getting less than one gram of fiber per rice krispie treat square. TBH, the “whole grain” here isn’t making a huge difference nutritionally.
Vegan butter sticks are typically primarily coconut oil, so you’re still getting lots of saturated fat as you would with real butter. The gelatin-free marshmallows are actually much higher in calories than regular marshmallows. This is because they contain a lot more sugar than regular marshmallows.
The bottom line is that this is a snack food high in added sugar and added fat. They’re completely delish, but should also only be a once in a while treat for most people. (Keeping it real for you!)
Nutrition information is for one serving of the plain rice crispy treats without toppings.


Calories: 234kcalCarbohydrates: 42.7gProtein: 1.3gFat: 5.6gSaturated Fat: 4.4gFiber: 0.7gCalcium: 1.1% DVIron: 4% DV
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