Free Air Fryer Cooking Chart

Did you know… air fryer cooking and oven cooking are not the same! Unlike ovens, there is a lot of variation in how air fryers cook foods. I own three air fryers, and my smallest air fryer cooks some foods in less than half the time of my big air fryer oven!

Air fryer cooking is more art than science. The first time you try an air fryer recipe, you should not just “set it and forget it.” Checking the food early and often will let you adjust the time and temp and prevent burned food.

I created a simple air fryer cooking chart to keep by your air fryer. When you try a new recipe, just jot down the times and temps you used, so you’ll never need to experiment again. You can download this printable freebie right now by signing up here:

Stop Burning Air Fryer Foods!

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    It makes me sad when someone comments they followed an air fryer recipe “to a tee” and it didn’t work out. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you can prevent burnt food in the future. Use the chart to note the times and temps that work best with your air fryer.

    And if you’re having a problem with a particular air fryer brand/size, feel free to drop me a comment. I have a lot of experience using different air fryers, and I may be able to help you out. You may also be interested in my free air fryer mini e-course. Happy air frying!