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Are you having trouble finding your way around Summer Yule Nutrition? No worries! Use the nifty recipe finder below to navigate to the dishes that best fit your dietary preferences and health goals.

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Along with recipes, I’ve included additional details on special diets and recommended equipment, which you can find by clicking the buttons above. For example, you can learn which multipurpose cooker I use in my kitchen in the Instant Pot section. Under Vegetarian Recipes, I discuss which non-dairy alternative milks are nutritionally the best.

I tried to keep things simple, and I think most of the names in the recipe finder are self-explanatory. However, don’t assume that just because you are following “low carb” or “low calorie,” those are the only categories with ideas for you.

The recipe notes often provide suggestions for modifications to help you adjust the calories or carbs of the meal. You may be surprised at how easily some of the higher calorie recipes can be made low-calorie, for instance. Also, many dishes can be made low-carb, and the modification will often save you time in the kitchen as well.

My point is, don’t limit yourself to one of the categories. You’re likely to miss out on many delicious recipe ideas!

Have fun exploring, and don’t forget to spread the word on social media if you like what you see here. Feel free to snap a photo and tag me @SummerYuleRDN if you try one of my recipes. I’d love to hear how your culinary adventure went!

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